Claimant Information Packet

The Livery Fund was created in order to provide workers' compensation benefits to independent livery drivers only under certain well defined circumstances. If you believe you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits, you should file an Employee Claim (Form C-3) reporting your injury to the Board as soon as possible (you must notify the Board of your injury or illness within two years). The attached link will provide you with general information about Workers' Compensation as well as the Employee C-3 Claim form that must be completed and filed with the Workers' Compensation Board.

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Independent Livery Base Reports

When a claim for Workers' Compensation benefits is filed by an independent livery driver, the base in which such driver's vehicle is affiliated with must provide the Fund and/or Hereford Insurance Company, the Workers' Compensation insurance carrier for the Fund, with certain information and documentation. The attached link will provide the independent livery base with the information and documentation that must be provided in order to expedite the claim process

Click here for Independent Livery Base Information Packet